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Smithy's Biology Webpage
spring 2018 study guide
chap 18 and 19 review sheets for test on Friday May 25
Homework/classwork May 11th
class and homework for May 4th
block day
Chapter 15 and 16 test Tuesday and block day. Review sheets below
Homework due on Monday April 23
Monday April 16
Friday April 13th
Homework due Friday March 30th
Final portion of Baby engineering
Engineering the perfect Baby complete article
Summarize the following article: Engineering the perfect baby
How to find a particular gene
How to create a GMO. Due Tuesday March 20th
Due On Monday.
Baby Engineering Continued. Due on Tuesday March
meiosis and genetics practice test with answers
Bio Semester 1 review sheet
meiosis and genetics practice test
Review sheet growth and development
Heart rate writeup
sign up for saturday dec 2nd extra credit event
Rat Dissection Guide II
Rat Dissection Guide
karyotype lab supplemental page
Homework 9/18
chapters 2 and 14 practice test. chp 14 pay attention to the topics on the study guide only
Biology Study Guide Chapters 2 and 14
Timeline activity
Earth's formation
Policies and Procedures
DNA formative assessment